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SubjectCounty Fails to Produce a Complete Record to the Growth Board
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Friday, June 5, 2013

Dear San Juan County Neighbors and Friends,


CSA Files Motion For Additions to Growth Board Record
Last Friday CSA was provided with documents not presently part of the County’s indexed record to the Growth Board which support CSA’s argument that the County failed to comply with the GMA requirements for notice and continuous public participation.  The documents disclose substantive information about the scope and range of materials developed by the County and its CAO/SMP Implementation Team as early as April 2011 in secret meetings outside of the public eye.  The documents were obtained through a county resident’s Public Records Request to the County which identified 1,506.75 MB of data which is not currently before the Board.
Today, CSA’s attorney filed a Motion for Additions to the GMHB Record, requesting that the County produce, on or before June 14th, an updated list and copies of omitted documents pertaining to the task force previously produced in the Public Records case, but not listed in the current record.  Read the Motion and Missing Document.
Undeveloped and/or Underdeveloped Properties
If your property falls into one of the categories here, you may be particularly interested in the issues facing Blakely Island property owner, the P. J. Taggares Company. Common Sense Alliance is fortunate to have a “simultaneous representation agreement” with the Taggares Company, who is also represented by Sandy Mackie. The issues facing the Taggares Company, show how the Critical Area Ordinances (CAO) and the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) update will be applied to their properties.  Read the Taggares Prehearing Brief and the Taggares Reply to San Juan County.
Reminder to Respond to SJC Shoreline Inventory and Characterization
As we have mentioned to you in previous Newsletters, our CSA attorney believes it is paramount for you to review the County’s Shoreline Inventory and Characterization of your shoreline property.  We are disappointed to learn that so few of you have taken this advice.  An inventory of your property, comparison with the county maps and records and an explanation of how you use it is a powerful asset to the future value of your property.  Please see our previous Newsletter on how to review your property with the County I&C Report.  If you need assistance with this task, we can recommend individuals in the community to assist you.
Implementation of CAO’s Delayed Until March 2014
Senior County Planner and architect of the Critical Area Ordinances tell the County Council that the ordinances are difficult even for her to understand.  View the video clip here
CSA Needs Your Financial Assistance
Did you know your donations to CSA are tax deductible?  When you donate to CSA, we send you a Thank You letter with our Federal tax identification number.  Thank you for considering our efforts on behalf of our community in your financial planning.  Question?  Call Dave Cable, 425-444-0041
Common Sense Alliance
Common Sense Alliance
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