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SubjectIs Best Available Science (BAS) or BS?
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Monday, 29 July 2013


Dear San Juan County Neighbors and Friends,

In a recent posting in The Island Guardian, the Editor received permission to reprint an excellent article entitled “Spotted Owls & the Spotty Sciences that Spawned Them: 5 Questions.” The author, Dr. Bob Zybeck, PhD., asks many good questions about science and politics; quite a few of which have been raised by Common Sense Alliance (CSA) and by citizens of the San Juan Islands during the adoption of the Critical Areas “Best Available Science,” as well as during the end-of-June hearings conducted by the Growth Management Hearings Board.

Dr. Zybeck’s article chronicles the process used and the results of the supposed protection of the spotted owl: the questionable data, scientists peer-reviewing themselves, a lack of public input and transparency, and the complete disregard for the costs and economic impact to families and communities.  He questions whether “critical habitat” isn’t actually more critical to the survival of government agency ecologists and biologists than to the species populations.

Similarly, CSA and other concerned citizens have questioned San Juan County’s affiliation with environmental “consultants” and agencies which use politics to press a self-serving agenda, based on faulty or no information, with a complete lack of peer-reviewed local science that is ultimately damaging to families and communities in our County.  [See You Tube video of attorney Mackie’s summation to the Hearings Board at this link.]

Please read Dr. Zybeck’s article at this link.  It illustrates so well how complacency and unquestioned acceptance of so-called “science” can lead to policies that not only fail to protect the environment, but also harm the people who live there.  CSA is working for a better, stronger, more resilient community, economy and environment.

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Common Sense Alliance

Common Sense Alliance
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