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SubjectYou May Have Seen This Before

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Note:  "Setting the Record Straight" was sent to you last week.  Unfortunately, there were problems with the server and many of the newsletters were rejected.  Therefore, we are resending this one to be certain that the system is working as it should be.  Thank you for your patience.


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

This Newsletter will set the record straight and bring you up to date on current issues.
Inaccurate Investigative Reporting
A number of you called our attention to The Seattle Times headline article on Sunday, July 28th, “Waves of Concern over Bellevue Waterfront Rules.”  Since CSA began, we have enjoyed a close relationship with our friends in Bellevue (Washington Sensible Shorelines Association).  WSSA wrote last week to tell us of their concerns about the misinformation in The Times article.  You can read their letter in response to The Times article at this link and take a look at their website which chronicles their experiences with Critical Areas and Shoreline Regulations.  We are not alone in this process!
Story Telling in the San Juans
Watch for our next newsletter.  We will be revealing a new CSA project and soliciting information from you to complete a survey and analysis of anti-landowner activities in the San Juans over the past 20 years.  It promises to be a revelation to some and a confirmation for others that there is a concerted effort at social engineering going on right here at home.  Stay tuned!
GMA Hearings Board Decision on CAO’s Due by September 6
Yes, we still hear from many of you that you have not seen the video of Sandy Mackie’s Summation on behalf of the members of CSA to the Growth Hearings Board at the end of the June hearings.  So we are sending it to you yet another time.  Simply click on the picture below and the video will start from the Common Sense Alliance You Tube site.
CSA Calls for Rejection of San Juan County CAO
Common Sense Alliance
Common Sense Alliance
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