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SubjectGoogle Earth Shoreline Designation Packet Available
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Saturday, 28 September  2013


Dear San Juan County Neighbors and Friends,

The County is in the process of updating the Shoreline Management Plan.  What follows is an important message from County Planner Colin Maycock.  If you currently receive email messages from communications@sanjuanco.com, you should have received this message on Friday.  If you are not receiving messages from the County, you may wish to contact them at the email address identified here and request that they add you to the County's distribution list.
We believe it is very important that you understand the land use/environmental designation currently on your shoreline and be aware of any proposed changes thereto.
Common Sense Alliance
September 27, 2013 message from County Planner, Colin Maycock:
An updated Google Earth Shoreline designation packet is available on the County website. With this packet installed it's possible to turn on and off current shoreline designations, the proposed designations or even just the locations where the county is proposing to change the designation.
Shoreline Designations on Google Earth
1.    Download and install Google Earth on your computer.
2.    Download and save the file titled: ‘San_Juan_Co_Environment_Designations_20130918.kmz’ available at: http://www.sanjuanco.com/smp/smpdocs.aspx .The link is titled ‘Google Earth proposed and existing shoreline designation packet’ and is the 4thlink from the top of the page.
3.    Open Google Earth.
4.    At the top left hand corner of the User Interface (UI) there is button marked “File.” If you click your mouse on this button, a drop down menu will appear. The top option will be “Open.”
5.    Click on the “Open” button and a subsidiary UI will open in which you can navigate to the location where the environment designation kmz packet is saved.
6.    Select the saved kmz packet to open.
7.    A file will then appear in ‘Places’ window adjacent to the main google earth display, titled ‘San Juan Co Environment Designation’
8.    When you open that file folder, 7 sub folders become visible.
·         Proposed EDs
o   Proposed EDs, existing EDs changed.
o   Proposed EDs, existing EDs not changed.
§   Labels
§  Polygons
·         Existing EDs (Polygons)
·         Existing EDs (existing County system)
·         Parcels
9.    When the first file is activated, only those areas where changes are proposed aill be marked. Provided that the parcel layer is not active, left clicking on the mouse with the cursor on the location will enable a pop up window which will denote the previous designation and the most salient reason for the proposed change.
10.  The description and purpose of each shoreline designation can be found in the goals and policies document beginning on page 12.
RFF=Rural Farm Forest
RR=Rural Residential
PMT= Ports, Marinas and Marine Transportation
Existing designations also include:
ESR=Eastsound Residential
EU=Eastsound Urban
EM=Eastsound Marina
11.  By selecting different folders it’s possible to compare the existing shoreline designations to the proposed ones.
I hope that this proves helpful.  As always, if you have questions or comments please contact me at (360)-370-7573 or colinm@sanjuanco.com

Common Sense Alliance
P.O. 1249 Friday Harbor, 98250

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