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06 December 2013



Dear San Juan County Neighbors and Friends,
This Newsletter may not have reached you due to the communications outage in November and therefore we are resending some great news about Pacific Legal Foundation’s (PLF) assistance in our Critical Areas Ordinance battle!
Additionally, we want to make it clear that while PLF is participating with CSA in the lawsuit against the Growth Board, CSA will continue to incur costs associated with our representation by Sandy Mackie and Perkins Coie.  Now more than ever, your financial support of CSA's legal fund is vital to our success.  There are portions of our claims that are issues of first impression, which are matters that have never before been the subject of a legal opinion on appeal.  Therefore, it is possible that this case may be appealed as far as the state Supreme Court and be precedent setting.   The action in San Juan County is the first step in the judicial process.
* * * * Previously Sent CSA Newsletter of November 11 * * * 
Common Sense Alliance (CSA) received word last week that the Board of Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) has approved PLF’s participation with CSA in the matter of Common Sense Alliance v. Growth Management Hearings Board, Western Washington Regionwhich is CSA's request for the court to review the recent September 6th decision by the Growth Board on San Juan County's Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO). The hearing on this matter is set for 9AM, February 24, 2014, in the San Juan County Superior Court.
PLF’s participation is recognition of the significant issues raised by CSA which the Growth Board refused to address in its decision.  The goal of CSA’s challenge in the court is to compel the County to craft and adopt a Critical Areas Ordinance that is legal and enforceable and that truly protects our community, economy and environment.  A law that is unenforceable protects nothing and guarantees years of litigation and the corresponding expense to our citizens and our county government.
Needless to say, CSA is thrilled to have the recognition and support of the Pacific Legal Foundation in our quest.  None of this effort is free, however.  Now, more than ever, CSA needs your financial support.  Please donate.  If you have questions, please call me at 425-444-0041.
Thank you, once again.
Dave Cable
Common Sense Alliance
P.O. 1249 Friday Harbor, 98250

Common Sense Alliance (CSA) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization based in San Juan County.  CSA depends upon individual donors to support its efforts in your behalf.  Funds provided by you are used to retain outside legal counsel, subject matter experts and to pay other expenses necessary to fund these activities.

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