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SubjectCouncilman Jarman Lone Vote Against CAO

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

In a 2-1 vote at Wednesday’s Special Meeting, the San Juan County Council passed the 2014-03-03 version of the CAO (with typographical corrections). The new CAO regulations will go into effect on March 31, 2014.
This 2014 CAO contains two types of changes from the version passed in December 2012. First, the 2014 CAO contains additions, deletions and alterations per the Growth Management Hearings Board’s (GMHB) ruling in September 2013—at which time eight provisions in three ordinances were deemed “noncompliant” with the Growth Management Act and remanded back to Council for revision. Additional changes, not requested by the GMHB but deemed appropriate by the Council, were also made.
Councilman Bob Jarman (the sole dissenting vote in yesterday’s passing of the revised CAO) expressed concerns with buffer calculation methodology and the complicated nature of the 2014 CAO.  All Councilmen, as well as the County Manager, agreed to work to fix the CAO in a timely manner and the Council unanimously approved drafting a Resolution to address these concerns, thus opening the freshly approved regulations to the possibility of further changes.
Next, we turn our attention to March 19th and the San Juan Superior Court Hearing of Common Sense Alliance, et al vs. Growth Management Hearings Board. This hearing will address the Common Sense Alliance’s three “Petitions for Review”, filed against the 2012 CAO, as well as the concerns of the P.J. Taggares Company and Friends of the San Juans.
CSA’s mission to achieve a reasonable and logical Critical Areas Ordinance for San Juan County continues, and yesterday the Council’s Resolution put possible positive change on the immediate horizon as the March 31st implementation date for the CAO approaches. Whether or not the CSA litigation will impact the new enactment is yet to be determined.
For further detail of Wednesday’s proceedings, watch the Council Meeting video—and keep your eyes out for more updates from CSA!
As we approach the March 19th hearing in Superior Court, CSA’s need for financial assistance with our legal fees continues.  We appreciate any and all contributions that you can make at this time.  Thank you! 
Best Regards,
Common Sense Alliance
Common Sense Alliance
P.O. 1249 Friday Harbor, 98250

Common Sense Alliance (CSA) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization based in San Juan County.  CSA depends upon individual donors to support its efforts in your behalf.  Funds provided by you are used to retain outside legal counsel, subject matter experts and to pay other expenses necessary to fund these activities.

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