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SubjectFreedom Foundation Video Exposes Environmental Extremism



Dear CSA,

This week on The Freedom Update - environmental extremists manipulate a tragedy to promote their agenda, will you need a government permit to prune the trees in your yard, and Freedom Foundation exposes the unprofessional conduct of one of Gov. Inslee's top staffers.

If you think public officials should show a little more class than Ted Sturdevant, please forward and share this video.

After you watch it, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to join in the discussion. We always want to hear from you.

For Freedom,

Tom McCabe, CEO 
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To read all about these stories and to see copies of the government emails brought to light by the Freedom Foundation last week, visit our website.

1) Oso Landslide
2) Permit to Prune
3) Ted Sturdevant

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