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SubjectCommon Sense Alliance Newsletters
Dear San Juan County Neighbors and Friends,
Today, we have heard from several of you that you did not receive yesterday's Common Sense Alliance (CSA) newsletter.  This may be because the CSA mail is not getting through your SPAM filter.  All of our newsletters are sent from the general CSA email address.  You can be more certain to receive the CSA mail if you add the email address of info@commonsensealliance.net to your personal address book.
Yesterday's newsletter was entitled "Pacific Legal Foundation Comments on Judge Eaton's Decision."  You may recall that Common Sense Alliance, the P.J. Taggares Company, and the Friends of the San Juans appealed the Growth Management Hearings Board decision on the county's Critial Area Ordinance.
You can read yesterday's newsletter at this link, or return this email to me and I will forward the newsletter directly to you.
Jane Cable
Executive Administrator
Common Sense Alliance
P. O. Box 1249
Friday Harbor, WA 98250