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SubjectLitigation Shenanigans

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dear San Juan County Neighbors and Friends ~

Surprises always crop up in court proceedings.  So it is in the case CSA is pursuing against the decision of the Washington Growth Management Hearings Board.  Here, the San Juan County Assistant Prosecutor used a sneaky trick designed to run up CSA’s court costs.
CSA had paid to have all of County Assistant Prosecutor Amy Vira’s presentation at the March 19, 2014 hearing before Judge Eaton transcribed from audio to a written format.  CSA’s plan was to make this written portion available to the Court of Appeals because, during her statement, she explained how complex county ordinances worked together and that the changes made by the county to the CAO did not moot the appeal.  In response, Ms. Vira (Randy Gaylord) decided that she wanted CSA to pay to have the entire record of the March 19, 2014 Superior Court hearing transcribed. She made no allegation that there was any information in any portion of the record that the Court of Appeals needed to hear. 
Vira’s motion, which sought to compel CSA to pay, was heard this past Friday.  Luckily, Judge Eaton allowed CSA’s attorney Sandy Mackie to appear by telephone or Sandy’s travel time and hourly rate would have made this an even larger travesty!  At the hearing Judge Eaton was not convinced that the balance of the hearing needed to be transcribed, but he did require CSA to pay for only the portion that represents Sandy Mackie’s March presentation before the court. 
It seems to be the County Prosecutor’s strategy to make these proceedings as painful and costly as possible for citizen plaintiffs—a strategy to make CSA fold its case and go home.  Consequently, when the attorneys for San Juan County use YOUR tax dollars to play frivolous games with the rules, CSA runs into unexpected costs.  Please keep this in mind as we work together going forward on this matter.  The opposition doesn’t always play fair.
And, thank you once again for continuing your financial contributions to CSA.  CSA has recently set up a Legal Fund.  Should you wish to designate your donations to the Legal Fund, please so indicate on your donation.
Most sincerely,
Common Sense Alliance
Common Sense Alliance
P.O. 1249 Friday Harbor, 98250

Common Sense Alliance (CSA) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization based in San Juan County.  CSA depends upon individual donors to support its efforts in your behalf.  Funds provided by you are used to retain outside legal counsel, subject matter experts and to pay other expenses necessary to fund these activities.

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