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SubjectCSA Awaits Day in Court

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Thursday, 30 October 2014


Dear CSA Neighbors and Friends,

You may have noticed that Common Sense Alliance (CSA) has been quiet for the past several months.  Not to worry.  We are in a bit of a holding pattern since our appeal, of the San Juan County Superior Court’s decision of the County’s Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO), was filed with the Washington State Court of Appeals.  
Background:  In our quest to stop over-regulation of property in San Juan County and across the State, CSA is challenging not only the legality of the regulation itself, but its consequential violations of both the State and Federal Constitutions.  CSA arguments challenge the unconstitutional taking of property and will be heard by the Appellate Court sometime, next year.  We continue to be optimistic of a favorable decision, as Brian Hodges, of the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF), will be joining Sandy Mackie, of Perkins Coie, and CSA in our challenge.  However, we are committed to taking this case to the State Supreme Court, if necessary.
Financing: CSA has contributions on hand of about 40% of what we understand from Sandy Mackie will be the cost of our appearance at the Appellate Court.  Mr. Hodges’ work will be “pro bono” and Mr. Mackie has capped his expenses to prepare briefs and argue before the Court.  We feel that Sandy’s “expense cap” is an excellent example of his and Perkins’ commitment to this effort.
Over the years, we have always indicated to you that we will not request funding unless we need it.  At this time we are pleased to say that our “legal kitty” is in sound condition; however, as Sandy begins to submit briefs on November 5th and respond to Court deadlines, we will again be requesting your financial assistance.
CSA could not have come this far without your steadfast support and we sincerely hope that when we ask in the not too distant future that you will hang in with us.
Thanks so much to each of you for your generous financial and moral support of our worthy cause.  Together we have an opportunity to end this senseless over-reach of government now.
Dave Cable
Common Sense Alliance


Common Sense Alliance
P.O. 1249 Friday Harbor, 98250

Common Sense Alliance (CSA) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization based in San Juan County.  CSA depends upon individual donors to support its efforts in your behalf.  Funds provided by you are used to retain outside legal counsel, subject matter experts and to pay other expenses necessary to fund these activities.

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