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SubjectUpdate on CSA’s Appeal of San Juan County’s Critical Area Ordinance (CAO)

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March 4, 2015


Update on CSA’s Appeal of San Juan County’s Critical Area Ordinance (CAO)

Good News:  The Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF), through their attorney Brian Hodges, has once again joined Common Sense Alliance (CSA) and the Taggares Company in our appeal of San Juan County’s Critical Area Ordinance.  Just this past week, the PLF filed an Amicus Brief with Division I of the Washington State Court of Appeals in support of CSA.  This endorsement by the PLF gives credence to CSA's legal position and our fight for all Washington State citizen's property rights.
As expected, the “procedural wheels of justice" have been turning slowly since CSA filed its challenge last July of the decision by San Juan County Superior Court Judge Eaton.  Only recently were all of the parties’ required briefs filed with the Court of Appeals.  Not surprisingly, the Court is taking several months to schedule oral arguments with only 30 days advance notice to the parties to appear.  Understanding that the Court will be in recess for summer vacation, we estimate a court date sometime in September.
Read more about the CSA appeal with corresponding legal briefs at this link.
Funding CSA
We are most appreciative of your immediate and generous response to fund CSA's appeal so far.  As a sign of confidence and commitment to our cause, Mr. Mackie capped his legal fees for this stage of CSA's anticipated appearance in Court.  And, with your help, CSA is able to fulfill its current obligation to the Perkins Coie Law Firm.
Looking ahead, we again find it imperative to request your financial assistance, as we broaden our Mission to:  (1) Research, acquire and publish relevant science; and (2) Continue our fight to make San Juan County Government more responsible to its citizens.
Thanks again for your steadfast support over the past six years!
Dave Cable
Director and Past President, CommonSense Alliance


Common Sense Alliance
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