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There Was No "Hoax"

Dear San Juan County Neighbors and Friends,

Early Monday, April 30, you may have seen an article on the County's Homepage written by the SJC Communication Specialist claiming that CSA's Shoreline Inventory Form was a "hoax." The article had been removed by the afternoon.

What follows is CSA's Press Release in response to articles appearing in local newspapers as a result of the County's Press Release:

Common Sense Alliance Provided Assistance with Review of the Shoreline Inventory & Characterization Report

To help shoreline owners review the County’s more than 300 page Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report (“Inventory & Characterization”) and an extensive number of maps prepared by its’ contractors, the Common Sense Alliance recently circulated a comment form prepared by our attorney, Sandy Mackie, and a step-by-step set of instructions to subscribers stating how to review the County’s Inventory & Characterization. The documents were also made available in an article on our website (www.commonsensealliance.net) to anyone who wanted to use them. These materials accurately advised that the County had established a deadline for submission of public comments regarding the Inventory & Characterization of private property and that the Inventory & Characterization is intended to establish the baseline conditions for purposes of future "no net loss" under shoreline regulations.

Our objective was and remains providing accurate information regarding the CAO and SMP processes to enable property owners to take appropriate steps to have their voices heard regarding these matters affecting our community.

We believe that effective public participation is critical and should be promoted to assure the accuracy of the information upon which planning under the Shoreline Management Act and “no net loss” analysis affecting our shoreline regulations will be conducted. We stand by our efforts to assist our neighbors with this challenging review and the identification of errors in the draft Inventory & Characterization.

We do not believe that these materials included any misrepresentations or inaccurate information and we did our best to make the tedious process of reviewing the Inventory & Characterization manageable for our shoreline neighbors.

The comments you submitted were appropriate and the deadline, published numerous times in local venues, was April 30.

Dave Cable
Executive Director
Common Sense Alliance