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Groves ~ Council Has Cognitive Disconnect


Dear CSA Folks:

I believe what we are witnessing is called a "cognitive disconnect."  Patty Miller, et all are breezing along with no impression of what they are actually doing.  I believe that every one of those council persons voting for this nonsense will "break the rules" themselves in less then one year after this vote. They will have to, just to live a normal life. Their actions now belie this basic truth so I would call it a "cognitive disconnect."
The nonsense part is that just as with the guest house baloney, the County could never afford the herd of little Nazis to enforce this stuff.  Any over-lay that makes thousands of properties non-conforming is ridiculous on its face.
Writing to these folks seems hopeless.  My rep, Rich Peterson does not need a letter from me....he is the only one seemingly plugged in.
The question I have for you is:  Can we under our Charter call this whole ministerial act up for a referendum vote?  If we can, I suggest we start planning to do so right away.
The garbage vote (thank you Rich Peterson) should have been a wake-up call for these folks, but they seem to be divorced from their constituents. (If not for Lopez, the Land Bank would have failed too.)
Thanks for being there.
Pete Groves
San Juan Island